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Periodontitis, also known as gum disease, affects nearly half of all adults. When this condition occurs, it is imperative to seek treatment quickly in order to maintain dental health.

When gum disease occurs, the first thing you may notice is swollen gums that may bleed during brushing and flossing. This condition occurs when the gums are exposed to harmful bacteria and plaque. Seeking out treatment immediately is very important, even when the symptoms still seem relatively minor.

If periodontitis is allowed to progress, the gums will soon retract and pull away from the teeth. This creates spaces known as pockets that can become filled with bacteria and plaque. This allows the condition to spread more easily. Left untreated, the condition can reach the jawbone and the connective tissues. The bacteria and plaque can cause the jawbone to deteriorate. As a result, teeth can be lost.

At Vue Dental, we understand how dangerous this condition; therefore we offer a variety of highly effective treatments.

Scaling and Root Planing: Scaling and root planing involves using special tools to reach below the gum line to remove any accumulations of bacteria, tartar and plaque. This is known as scaling. We will then smooth out the rough spots that on the root surfaces to prevent the problem from recurring. This is called root planing. After the treatment is complete, the gums begin to heal and return to normal.

Dental Crown Lengthening: Gum diseases causes oral tissue to become swollen and inflamed. This can lead to an unattractive, “gummy” smile. Dental crown lengthening can address this issue by removing excess gum tissue and exposing more natural tooth. This procedure is effective for one tooth or an entire gum line.

Ridge Preservation: Ridge preservation is conducted after a tooth extraction. A bone graft is placed at the site of the extraction when there is low jawbone density. This will increase the ability to have a successful implant placement in the future.

Bone Grafting: If periodontitis reaches the jawbone, it can cause serious damage. In these cases, the only way to restore the bone is with bone grafting treatment. This involves using special proteins and artificial bone material to strengthen the remaining structure and promote bone growth. After successful treatment, dental implants can be installed to replace missing teeth.

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