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Vue dental is our labor of love. When Milan, my husband and partner extraordinaire, and I would talk about my experiences in the dental field, I felt that there was a lot to be desired in terms of the patient experience and how information has been traditionally exchanged between the patient and the dentist.

While my extensive training has provided me with superior skills to treat common dental problems, very little emphasis has been placed on why these problems occur in the first place. In order to provide the best overall patient experience, we knew that we needed to permeate the notion throughout our practice. Everyone aims for a great patient experience, but we want to live it - every day and every hour that we’re open. The notion led us to create a framework based on our four most important principles.

Preventive Medicine: We want to ensure that we don’t just treat our patients while they are here, but to ensure their dental wellness well even after our visit. This includes catching any potential future (and costly) episodes before they occur. This notion has come to the forefront of other areas of medicine, and we believe it makes sense to bring preventative medicine into dentistry as well.

Modern Technology: At Vue Dentistry, we realize that our patients are entrusting their health to us. We take that seriously, and in turn, we will ensure that we invest in them as well. This means always getting the most modern equipment, but also making the patient feel comfortable with TVs, games for kids, and most importantly.

Honesty & Trustworthiness: This certainly goes without saying; however, we will ensure that our patients understand the full story behind any issues they may have and by always thinking about what is best for our patients in the long run.

Educate our Patients: In order to live a healthy lifestyle, you must first understand how to go about doing so. Our dentists will take the time to help our patients understand what will keep them healthy if they’re just in for a regular checkup, and also how to prevent future episodes if they’re visiting for a specific issue.

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