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Teeth whitening is one of the simplest and most affordable ways to enhance your smile. At Vue Dental, we offer a variety of professional teeth whitening options to meet your needs.

Professional teeth whitening is quickly becoming the most popular form of cosmetic dentistry. Everyone appreciates a beautiful smile, but sometimes over time, our teeth can become stained, discolored or dull. There are a variety of causes of this including:

  • Some foods and beverages
  • Smoking
  • Poor oral hygiene
  • Oral Trauma
  • Aging
  • Genetics
  • Exposure to certain minerals

The most preferred method is in-office whitening performed by a dentist. This method is usually completed in one session and can take less than an hour to complete. Professional teeth whitening at Vue Dental will provide you with a brighter, whiter smile that can’t be matched by over-the-counter products. We can remove persistent stains and brighten your smile giving you a self-confidence boost and a smile you love to show off.

At Vue Dental, we offer high-quality, professional products including the Zoom! Whitening System, KöR Whitening, Opalescence Whitening and our own in-house products. We will work with you to determine which option best meets your needs.

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Mika O.

Amazing dentist and friendly and efficient staff! I recommend them to everyone!

Teresa W.

Absolutely thorough, very professional and great service. I have finally found my dentist!

Elizabeth M.

The staff was super friendly, helpful, and very fast :) I'll definitely recommend them to others!
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